LUNE SOFA - Fabric (Modular Sofa)

LUNE SOFA - Fabric (Modular Sofa)


Designed by Jaime Hayon in 2017

The sculptural and curvy Lune™ design is characteristic of Jaime Hayon. In his quest to capture the intersection of clean Nordic aesthetics and southern elegance, Hayon has paired a playful design with Fritz Hansen’s renowned quality. The functional, modular system offers unlimited possibilities, from a straight two-seater to larger L-shapes, along with chaise longue options. Hayon’s addition of a unique aesthetic dimension to the flexible, modular sofa concept ensures that Lune is not only extremely comfortable but also beautiful from every angle.

Lune is a modular sofa that comes in 8 standard configurations, made of 6 different modules, which can also be customised. Lune comes in a selection of unique Designer Selection colours but it can also be upholstered in a variety of standard fabrics and leather types. The base is available in brushed aluminium, oak or black coloured oak. 

Dimensions: 2-seater L155 D93.5 / 3-seater L227 D93.5 / 3-seater with chaise lounge L227.5 D156.5 / 4-seater L299 D93.5 /5-seater L371 D93.5 / 5-seater with carner L242.5 D243/ 6-seater L443 D93.5 / 6-seater with corner L314.5 D243 cm.

or You can create your own sofa into many sizes, please contact us for more information.



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