Base material: Satin Brushed Spring Steel

Width: 67 cm

Depth: 155 cm


Designed by Paul Kjaerholm in 1965

The PK24™ chaise longue chair, with its easy curves and organic shape, stands out as perhaps the most recognizable chair in Poul Kjærholm’s work. Inspiration for this chair comes from the Rococo period and the French chaise longue – long chair – that featured the same curve and size. The chair is a prime and almost extreme example of Kjærholm’s principle of designing with independent elements. Consequently, the chair has no physical connection between the main parts, which are instead kept together by gravity and the friction between the elements. Kjærholm also labelled the PK24 the “Hammock Chair” to stress that the chair functioned by suspending the body between two points.

The PK24 chaise longue is available in a limited range of leather types or wicker.
Both versions include a leather headrest. The base is made of satin brushed stainless spring steel. 



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