Located in the heart of Milan at the historical Palazzo Clerici, the exhibition offers over 1500m2 of design for everyday living and working environments. The ornate atmosphere of Clerici sets the framework for a series of installations that celebrate the past while evolving for the future.


HAY is launching multiple new products from Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Stefan Diez, GamFratesi, Shane Schneck and many more, ranging from furniture to textiles as well as accessories and lighting.


The architectural frame of the exhibition is created using the new materials and accessories of New Order 2.0. Inspired by the ever-changing demands of today’s work environment, HAY and designer Stefan Diez have elevated the functionality and quality of the New Order system. 

Similarly, and as a result of HAY’s long-standing relationship with WeWork, HAY and Stefan Diez have developed adaptable and flexible solutions to WeWork’s growing network of workspaces. Using WeWork research and member insights, the 2018 Milan exhibition will present Stefan Diez and HAY’s answer to the specific needs of the shared WeWork environment.


The exhibition occupies a portion of the neoclassical building's first floor, with multiple rooms set up to showcase new and existing products.

As the exhibition unfolds across the spacious, high-ceilinged rooms, scenarios are set up to evoke activities including working, cooking, dining, studying and relaxing.

Pastel-coloured furniture, patterned textiles and contemporary are all displayed against the backdrop of decorative walls, flooring, doors, windows, and other features like gilded mirrors and extravagant chandeliers.


Another part is showcasing the modular new concept of working environment with the use of New Order by Stefan Diez.


ÉLÉMENTAIRE CHAIR by the Bouroullecs

A highlight of the fair is set out to create a chair that is both aesthetically and physically balanced. A mélange of years of work and experience, Elementaire uses the latest technology to create a chair that is robust enough to be a long-lasting object while still appearing delicate. Precise proportions and a clearprofile give Elementaire a charm that allows it to stand out on its own or look strong in a group. Designed foreveryday life, Elementaire fulfils basic needs in a balance of beauty and strength.


The outdoor collection is set out in the charming courtyard of the Palazzo offer lunch and dinner by IT-Chef, Frederik Bille Brahe with the new Kitchen Market accessories and Palissade Collection, which also comes in new finish, Hot Galvanised.




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