designs that last

we always offer original designs, world renowned quality products that last for generations.


Norse Republics is founded in 2015 with a desire to share the passion for design, art, culture, and lifestyle by offering only the best original furniture design brands range from contemporary to the master of classic design pieces.

We see that a life start from home, a starting point of all the inspiration throughout your work, your way of living. The space we live play an important role in our lives and a well-designed space provides a place to express ourselves, our own identity. We love to share stories of each single piece of well-designed product to encourage people to give the importance of buying original furnitures.

Our focus is not only the retail but also the contract projects where we can take part in offering experience of designer furnitures into all kind of space regardless of offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and public spaces. Since the beginning, we are proud to be part of many well-designed local and world class projects both in Thailand and Asia Pacific.